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"Didn't anyone ever tell you? It's all a game!"

Posted 31/8/2021

Well everybody, I never thought I'd write this, but I am a case study in a book!

In 2016, I met Andrew Mullaney. He was sent by councillor Steve Waltho, who was the Mayor of Dudley at the time as a business connector from Business in the Community. Since meeting Andy, he has done everything in his power to help support and guide me. He was one of the three nominators that put me forward for my British Empire Medal, as well as councillor Steve Waltho and Jayne Waltho. I have never met somebody so supportive to me in my entire life besides my family and friends.

He has now written a book, which is called 'Didn't Anyone Ever Tell You? It's All A Game!'.

Myself and More Mascots Please CIC are case study no. 2 in the book in Chapter 40. It is now available to purchase. 
He is kindly splitting 25% of the sales to the 6 case studies that he mentions in the book, so More Mascots Please CIC will benefit. This is a particularly amazing book if you're a young person, a mentee or a mentor. I am so proud to be a case study in this book, and everybody should buy and read a copy to be the very best version of themselves.

Here is the link to purchase the book

Hi everybody! I'm campaigning with my fellow disability rights campaigners and I am part of the movement which is Social Care Futures. Here are the key enquiry outcome suggestions:


  • Promote a new story of change to inspire the wider public to support the future we seek
  • Underpin this story with examples of the approaches that exemplify this future and working with others to grow and to spread them
  • Challenge and change the present through action at all levels to close the gap between the positive ambition of the Care Act 2014 and reality on the ground
  • Develop the practical solutions to move us towards our vision, navigated by people whose experience and insight comes from drawing on care and support to live their lives
  • Build a social movement for change


We are all working hard to make these a reality in adult social care.


I am also a member of IMPACT, which is improving adult care together. This is the new research centre. The professional in charge is Jon Glasby, please see below the link: