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About Me

My name is Ceri Davies, I am a disabled woman and permanently in a wheelchair. I was
born prematurely at 28weeks with Cerebral Palsy, Tethered Cord Syndrome and Scoliosis. I
think it is fair to say that life has been challenging and difficult for me. Nevertheless, I have
never given up and I always like to take on a challenge.
From a very young age I have had a huge passion for working with children and young
people and at the age of 13 years old, I began volunteering for Dudley Youth Council. After
volunteering locally I decided I wanted to make an impact on a larger scale and so began
volunteering regionally for Birmingham Children’s Hospital then nationally for the Princess
Diana Award. On Saturday 10th October it was announced that I was nominated and have won a Queen's Honour British Empire Medal, I am over the moon it almost feels surreal. It is for 11 years of service to disabled, disadvantaged and life limited children and families. I would like to say a huge thank you to my nominators, I am eternally grateful that they put me forward. I hope it helps me support more children and young people in Dudley and the wider West Midlands. 

In the year of 2007, age 17, I won an award from a well-known multi-international retailer of soft toys, (Build-a-Bear).  The award was aimed at young people who had served their community in a voluntary capacity. As part of the award, I travelled to USA visiting the states of St Louis in Missouri and Washington DC. 


Build a bear (the company that I won the award with) have their own mascots. That was when I realised what fun mascots are for children and how enjoyable they are to all ages. I am also a big kid and I absolutely love mascots. After winning this award, I gained a place at Wolverhampton University studying Early Childhood Studies and Sociology. During this time, I began running More Mascots Please CIC, which I started as a way of coping with my disability. My disability means I am not able walk at all and I rely on people to do most things for me. I often feel trapped because intellectually I am bright but physically I am unable to complete tasks for myself. Dealing with such a lack of control over myself can feel mentally debilitating at times and therefore I needed a distraction in life.  This is why I have decided to get involved in the Disability Rights Movement so I can meet similar people both physically and those that are like minded.  The stereotypes that disabled people are needy, unintelligent and passive really annoy me. This is why I advocate the social model of disability. I have experienced a lot of discrimination and I would like to prevent this for future generations.

Key Skills

  • Excellent leadership and teamwork capabilities having managed tasks and projects quickly and efficiently
  •  Demonstrated competent communication skills having spoken to a wide range of audiences on many different topics
  • Highly organised individual who has managed many teams, projects and workloads

My Likes and Interests

Since the age of 5, I have always liked the Pink Power Ranger. She solves problems, is extremely able both physically and mentally. Everything she does comes from her heart and she stands up for those that need extra support. 


I like going out for country rallies in my wheelchair and walks.  I like supporting people to achieve goals and developing their talents.  I like helping and representing those that are unable to do it themselves.  I believe everybody should have a voice and that they should live the life they wish to lead.  I hate being told what to do if I don’t feel it is right for me.  I intensely dislike people being deliberately rude and those that bully others.  I believe that a job should be seen through to its conclusion.  I passionately believe in equality and fairness. 


I like music such as Kings of Leon.  I have a pair of their signed drumsticks. I also like Nickelback, John Legend, Kanye West and Eminem.  I am an Aston Villa Fan, hence my claret and blue logo

Qualifications, Work Experience and Employment

The qualifications I have are:

2012- 2015      Masters in Youth and Community Work

2008-2011       2:1 in Early Childhood Studies joint with Sociology

2006-2008       3.5 A levels (Sociology B, English Literature D, Psychology, D, AS Government and Politics C).



2014/15           Level 2 BTEC in Peer Facilitation

2011/12           Level 2 QCF Silver Arts Award

2009                Level 2 Two AQA Qualifications from Timebank in Mentoring & Building Community Projects                        

2008                Level 3 City & Guilds from Participation Works in Introduction to Training & Skills

2008                Level 2 National Open College Network Qualification from Participation Works in Governance

Employment History

Peer facilitator                              O2 Think Big and UK Youth    March 2014-Dec 2015

                                                            Key Responsibilities

  • Making sure that 02 Think Big Projects that were supposed to be completed in a year at the Level 2 stage were at an end.
  • Moving young people onto the Level 3 stage if appropriate.
  • Recording case notes on each young person and project.
  • Attending O2 Think Big days to encourage young people to start Level 2 O2 Think Big projects.
  • Working within a team of other facilitators.
  • Taking instruction from management and the lead peer facilitator on how they wanted my role to evolve.
  • The skill I used the most was working on my own initiative.

Play worker                                         Busy Big Hands CIC               Feb 2012-2014

                                                             Key Responsibilities

  • Interacting and playing with children
  • Working with other play workers at community fun days
  • Facilitating children’s private party


Regional Coordinator                          O2 Think Big                                   Aug 2012-Dec 2012

                                                            Key Responsibilities

  • Promotion of O2 Think Big
  • Taking part in conference calls and actively giving advice and feedback about my role
  • Producing leaflets, flyers and e-mails to raise awareness
  • Write and deliver an assembly to a large audience of secondary school pupils regarding Think Big
  • Collating final evidence and delivering a final report


Trainer and Consultant                       The National Children’s Bureau           Apr 2007 - Jan 2011

                                                                Key Responsibilities

  • Trained youth workers and managers to better involve young people in their service planning
  • Worked with The Children’s Rights Alliance for England to deliver their material nationally
  • The role involved effective teamwork, organisational and presentation skills.


Voluntary Work

Mentor                                          Princess Diana Award                               March 2013-2014

Delegate Speaker               One Young World Global Health Plenary      Oct 2012

Governor                                  Birmingham Children’s Hospital                 Oct 2006 - Oct 2008          

Media Officer                               Dudley Youth Council                               Oct 2004 - May 2008         

Fund Raising

  • Set up and run a Social Enterprise called ‘More Mascots Please’ (MMP). This project raises money for children in the West Midlands with disabilities, disadvantaged and life limited illnesses and has been supported by Unltd and the Think Big O2 Programme for Young People.
  • MMP has raised a total of £35,000 for charities so far.
  • Independently campaigned to get Pudsey Bear into Build a Bear stores, which has raised well over £100,000 plus for Children in Need since 2008.


British Empire Medal - 2020

Aston Villa Community Champion Award - 2020

West Midlands Woman of the Year Award, Founders Choice Justice Williams MBE - 2016

The High Sheriff of Birmingham Award - 2016

Community and Voluntary Group Sycamore Adventure Young Volunteers-2013

Golden Princess Diana Award – 2009

Dudley Council for Voluntary Service - 2009

Wonder Kid For Sunday Mercury and Drayton Manor -2008

Build-A-Bear Huggable Hero Award- 2007

The Heart of the Community -2007

Frank Foley Award for Community Sprit -2006                                                                                       

Princess Diana Award – 2005

Hi everybody! I'm campaigning with my fellow disability rights campaigners and I am part of the movement which is Social Care Futures. Here are the key enquiry outcome suggestions:


  • Promote a new story of change to inspire the wider public to support the future we seek
  • Underpin this story with examples of the approaches that exemplify this future and working with others to grow and to spread them
  • Challenge and change the present through action at all levels to close the gap between the positive ambition of the Care Act 2014 and reality on the ground
  • Develop the practical solutions to move us towards our vision, navigated by people whose experience and insight comes from drawing on care and support to live their lives
  • Build a social movement for change


We are all working hard to make these a reality in adult social care.


I am also a member of IMPACT, which is improving adult care together. This is the new research centre. The professional in charge is Jon Glasby, please see below the link: